CIR Music Curriculum

As a music therapist, percussionist and registered psychotherapist, I have worked with neurodiverse children for over 15 years, including 12 years with dual diagnosed children at a school for the visually impaired, blind and deafblind. I have created Connecting In Rhythm; a sensorimotor music curriculum for neurodiverse children, that utilizes motion capture technology to translate body movement into valid data for assessment and treatment. 

Through understanding the coordination and integration of the many rhythms of physiologic motions, original music with supporting interventions were created to enable bridging of the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) with the Central Nervous System (CNS). Rhythm is the energizer and organizer of music and rhythm is the energizer and organizer of the inner body.

For assessment, CIR provides immediate qualitative and quantitative baseline data for all levels of functioning. In its treatment approach, CIR emphasizes movement planning and execution to harness, enhance, and promote the inherent capabilities of the nervous system. Focused music protocols within the CIR curriculum are designed directly to alter physiologic responses and are directed towards altering physiological regulation, contribution to body dynamics, self-pacing, acoustic tolerance, motor-planning and much more through the entrainment processes.

The motion capture technology provides a predicable structure to direct and stabilize variability in the movement pattern to facilitate a motor plan and all of the quantitative and qualitative data is captured in a cloud based platform.